Self Serve Pricing

Washes are $16

We do Nail Trims (walk ins welcome) $9

We do Dremeling (walk ins welcome) $12

Furminator Rental (must be done BEFORE the wash) $1

Blueberry Facial (smells great and great for white dogs with tear stains!) $2

Other Stuff:

PAWS Cards are $130 (pre-pay for 10 washes – an 18% discount!)

CLAWS Cards are $70 (pre-pay for 10 nail trimmings)

Dremel Cards are $100 (pre-pay for 10 dremelings)

Clipper Rental is $25 (this includes a free wash)

Clippers are not available for use without washing. Dogs must be relatively clean and mat-free in order to use the clippers. Dogs MUST be 100% dry when clipping.

Clippers may not be rented after 4pm.