Full Service Grooming

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About Our Grooming “Style”

We do not do any crating here at Pawsitively Clean, which means that we will work on your dog and your dog only straight through the groom. We don’t use cage dryers, either. We prefer to do it this way because we are able to focus on one dog (yours!) at a time. We can also determine if/when a pet has “had enough” and we can stop before the pet escalates into a panic mode. Because of this we have developed a unique business model for full service grooming:

  • We ask that you are able to pick your dog up within the amount of time we give you at drop off (give or take half an hour). Most dogs take two hours. If a dog is left here longer than the allotted time they can become quite stressed and it causes problems for the other dogs in the store, not to mention other customers.
  • We aren’t in the business of “torturing” your pet! If your dog doesn’t like something, i.e., the dryer, nail trimming, the clippers we won’t push them beyond their comfort levels. Because of this occassionally we are unable to fully finish a dog. What this means is that your pet may go home with a few nails unclipped, or slightly damp still. We’ll adjust the cost to you accordingly.
  • If you prefer, we can recommend more “traditional” grooming salons in town. Just ask.