About Us

In case you are curious about the employees of Pawsitively Clean, here is a “cast list” of the characters.

:: Polina ::

A cat!

They were supposed to be a cat! All I wanted was a nice big Siberian Forest Cat! Here I am minding my own business, studying away, trying to scrimp and save for my classes, but he kept talking about how he hadn’t had a dog since he was a child and how he really wanted a dog, how it would be his best friend and how it would keep me company when he was late coming home, you know the story. Then he showed me the dog he wanted and I started to come around, sweet temperament – check, no bark – check, no – shed – check,…..or so we thought….

So after a lot of research and after sending him pictures of puppies for 11 months, one day he announces he has found a little girl and, soon after that, our sweet Varya arrived (he promised that we would get my cat next…). We couldn’t have been happier and even after all of our research we couldn’t have been less prepared! We had no idea that puppies get eye infections and ear infections just like human babies, we had no idea how to pick our healthy dog food, we had no idea how much grooming was going to be needed, and we had no idea that no-shed and no-bark are…well…myths! But we got lucky, a good friend lent us a book on training puppies by the Monks of New Skeet and our girl’s family is now our family, always ready to answer our questions and to take panicked phone calls in the middle of the night. Over the next year we learned how to give her a show cut (6-8 hours of scissoring!) and we stopped running to the vet every time she did something unusual. Somewhere in there, we also decided that working breed dogs need work training to keep their minds healthy and we thought training would deepen the bonds in our family, so off we went to training.

Something was still missing though, Varya needed a companion (you know where this is going….”she needs a dog companion not a cat, we’ll get a cat next time….”) and shortly thereafter, we found ourselves driving across the U.S. to get our boy Ermak. Funny thing about two dogs, you would think that the second one is half the work of the first, but really it’s 120% more because now you all the work for two but you also have to deal with all kinds of new behaviors that they come up with together! Although, over the next year we did manage to get the grooming down from 12 hours for both to 6 hours for both, so we were making progress and we got good enough at it to take a few show titles too…(if you have never been to one, I can tell you shows are…interesting…definitely not as glamorous as they seem when you are watching Westminster and EXACTLY like the movie “Best in Show”. If you have never watched “Best in Show” do yourself a favor, watch it tonight.). Then came Varya’s and Ermak’s cousins, off to good friends nearby and, you guessed it, of course we volunteered to groom them!

And one night, HE (he, of all the smart ideas) found the ad for Pawsitively Clean. Eventually, you get the idea that life is trying to tell you something. We met with Whitney several times (more and more pregnant each time) and discovered that she had built a nice spot with good employees and a nice atmosphere. So here I am. It has been a journey I never expected but filled with joy and every step has been either crazy or fun (often both). I hope you will enjoy your visit with us and that we can share our love of dogs and cats with you!

:: Eilea ::

Eilea is currently studying to become a Veterinarian at PSU, with the help of her cuddly Tibetan Spaniel! She has always loved animals of all shapes and sizes, which is why she enjoys her job as a dog groomer so much. In the past, she worked at a horse boarding stable, a dairy barn, as a tech at a bird vet clinic, and of course she spent many years in the doggy salon, grooming dogs and cats of all breeds. In her spare time she enjoys painting, which gives her a good eye for achieving that artistic edge with any cut she does.